Lawn Care Services
Commercial and Residential Lawn Care

Everything you need to keep the landscape at your home or business expertly manicured and in top condition. Services can include regularly scheduled mowing, edging, string trimming and blowing.

landscaping services
Landscape Design and Restoration

We can start with a blank slate or renovate your existing ornamental garden beds to create an outdoor space your family can be proud of and enjoy year round.

Edible Garden Design and Maintenance

Our passion for sustainability and environmental stewardship allows us to help our customers connect with nature and their personal well being by providing edible landscapes and manageable fruit and vegetable gardens for all ages and experience levels.

Tree and Shrub Pruning

To ensure that plants remain healthy and perform at their best it is important to remove dead branches and foliage throughout the year. We provide seasonal pruning services for a wide variety of plants, shrubs and trees to keep your landscape healthy and beautiful.

Seasonal Clean Ups and Debris Hauling

From fall leaves to spring flowers every season come with its yard debris and they pile up fast. Our team can remove invasive species, clear out overgrown areas and remove seasonal leaves.

Sod Services

Selecting the right grass for your yard is the most important factor in the longevity of a green, lush lawn. Green acres can help you choose the right variety, remove the existing grass, amend your soil and install new sod. Proper care and consistent watering of new sod is key to its success. Temporary sod irrigation services are available and come with a 30 day equipment refund policy.


Paver patios and pathways, rock gardens, flower bed borders and rain channels are a few of the hardscape services that we provide. Incorporating hardscape material into your landscape is a sustainable way to reduce weed growth, watering and maintenance while improving the visual appeal of any landscape.

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